Knowledge Delivery System Storage Device Options

Provided below is a list of available storage devices that are pre-loaded with educational eLibraries.   All of them include the Rachel eLibrary in English and other content in local languages.  The Rachel eLibrary contains considerable educational content including Khan Academy and the Medline-Plus Medical Encyclopedia.  

To view content in the Rachel eLibrary, see:  The educational content in local languages includes all the Afghan school textbooks downloaded from the Afghan Ministry of Education’s website.  

The total size of our master eLibrary is over 70 GB.  Therefore, if you want all of the content we have assembled, you need to purchase an external hard-drive.  Our master eLibrary includes:

To order storage devices from us, please download this order form and fill it out.  Then please email it to send it to:
kds-orders  -at-  afghanemarketing  .  com.

Table of Knowledge Delivery System Storage Device Options



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