Conferencing eStation (CeS)
"for a more reliable way to communicate, even when Power and Internet Service is intermittent"


Each Conferencing eStation can:

  • Provide backup power for itself & connected modems so it will keep operating for more than 8 hours
  • Combine multiple sources of Internet into one
  • Provide priority bandwidth to a designated video conferencing computer

                  Typical Components in a CeS                                                         Basic System & Options

 Core Components      Description                                                    
 L01 PowerPak for Communications System which includes a  large 150 AH Battery and a Inverter-Charger and a Surge Protector
 L02 High speed satellite internet Receiver - Yahclick by Etisalat
 L03 Low-Power-Use Computer with 22” Monitor Running Windows
 L04 Echo cancelling speaker phone & Camera

Integrated collaborative software & service. Includes:
 - Video conferencing
 - Document sharing
 - Application sharing
 - Shared YouTube videos such as training videos
 - Storage documents on the cloud to enable access any time from anywhere

 Optional Components       Description   
 L06 Tablet Computer, 7", Wifi running Android OS
 L07 Bandwidth Management Server
 L08 Solar power package to power satellite receiver  and computers
 L09 Load balancing router to combine more than one internet connection for reliability
 L10 Additional internet sources to connect to multi-input router
 L11 Solid modeling software
 L12 Smart phones
 L013 3G Wireless Data Dongle
 L014 Wifi Router
 L015 Watt meter to monitor power used by computer and other devices
 L016 Watt meter to monitor power generated by solar panel







Link to Download Brochure in PDF Format: TRI-Conferencing-eStation-2013.pdf


This product was developed by our US based partner, Think Renewables, Inc.



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