AeMS provides a full range of eMarketing business services including:

  1. Creation and maintenance of product showcasing websites
  2. Export Promotion
    • Sales support and marketing of Afghan products internationally
  3. Creation and maintenance of online shop information
    • Example online shop with payment processing capability: OnlineShop
  4. Creation of printed sales support materials such as brochures, business cards, post cards and posters of products
  5. Promotion of products and services through
    • Direct marketing (email, mail, etc.) and online ads
    • Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  6. Creation, promotion and management of affiliate programs. This includes contacting websites and weblogs to invite them to place special banners that link to products on our website or blog and allow them to be paid when a customer purchases a product after clicking on one of these banners. For more information, visit Affiliate Marketing

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