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Afghan eMarketing Services (AeMS) is a Kabul based company which primarily sells and services knowledge delivery systems that provide unlimited access to large eLibraries of digital content without the Internet. The most advanced versions of these systems are called Conferencing eStations, which have been developed by its North American partner, Think Renewables Group, Inc. (TRG) to facilitate both distance education and remote technical support.

AeMS customizes the digital content provided with these knowledge delivery systems for its customers, which can include free educational content and eCatalogs of commercial products. The eCatalogs include hyperlinks to associated websites that allow customers to conveniently purchase products they have identified in these catalogs.

AeMS and TRG are majority owned by Paul Stevers. All profits generated by these companies are being donated to CharityHelp International to support its humanitarian activities. 

About the Founder and President


Paul Stevers is a Canadian engineer, inventor, and the founder of several for-profit and non-profit businesses. After graduating from the University of Waterloo engineering program in Ontario, Canada, Paul launched his entrepreneurial career by co-founding an environmental business in 1984 called Impax Incorporated. In 1992, he joined a US-based company called Bio-Oxidation Inc. to lead the development of a new medical waste processing technology, which became the next generation of a system he had created with Impax Incorporated.

As part of the management team of Bio-Oxidation, he helped raise over US$10,000,000 from investors, build this company and then sell it to a large public corporation. After this company was sold, he co-founded a consulting company called Oxidation Technologies, Inc., which focused on enhancing medical waste processing technologies.

After the tragic events that unfolded on September 11, 2001, Paul decided to change direction and explore how to best help counter violent extremism in unstable areas of the world in addition to operating his consulting business. He began to spend an increasing amount of time on this issue and, over the next several years, he invested over a million dollars to develop and demonstrate ways to combine available technologies and renewable resources to help stabilize conflict zones around the world. Initially, the focus area was Afghanistan, and it now includes parts of Africa.

Paul founded CharityHelp International (CHI) in 2004 to facilitate long-term financial support for children in developing countries by enabling sponsors to build relationships with these children via supervised communications over the Internet and pay for their sponsorship online.

In 2010, he founded Think Renewables, Inc. in the US to develop a series of computer-related products that are designed to operate in challenging environments such as Afghanistan and parts of Africa. These products are now being used in several areas including education, commerce, and telemedicine.

To sell, field-test and evaluate Think Renewables’ products and related services in Afghanistan, in 2103, he founded Afghan eMarketing Services (AeMS).  This field-testing and evaluation process enabled Think Renewables to develop a comprehensive plan to combine renewable energy technologies, free educational information, communication technologies and low-cost user devices to enhance education and accelerate job creation in developing countries.

In 2014, Paul founded Think Renewables Group to help coordinate the operations of his various companies, further develop the group’s technologies and services and raise money to scale-up its operations.


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